Whats up Simon & Schuster??

Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Science of Raising Children but Were Too Exhausted to Ask - Dalton Conley

I requested  Parentology through Netgalley a while back. Today at 10:05am I received an email telling me I'd be approved - YAY!


I didn't check my email until 11am but when I did, I went directly to Netgalleys website. Parentology was on my dashboard but I was unable to download my review copy because it had already been archived.


Why would they approve me and then archive the book within 60 minutes?


For all you Netgalley pros - should I use title feedback to inform them that I was  unable to read/review the book due to it being archived?


If I do nothing it will negatively affect my feedback ratio correct??