Anne Rice Sign This Petition Please...

Dear Anne Rice,


You are a famous literary figure with a huge fan base. Recently you signed a petition. News sites and blogs have picked it up. It is a big deal because of you. Many people have signed it due to your name recognition..some not having a clue what its really about. has so many worthy petitons that could benefit from you signing.


Like the petition to DCF and The State of Vermont for Baby Dezirae. Baby Dezirae's legs were broken in 2013. When her mother brought her to the doctors one break was a few weeks old and the other was a few days old. Her mothers story did not match up with injuries so she was removed from the home. She was placed back in her mothers care a few months ago. She turned 2 on February 18th. On February 19th she was rushed to the hospital with head trauma. Her heart stopped on the way, but she was revived. She was transported to Dartmouth-Hitckcock where she was pronounced dead. Dezirae was found by medical professionals to have head trauma significant to that of being dropped off a three story roof.


You are a mother. Help be this childs voice. Help save other children from a similar fate. Sign this petition and give it the publicity it deserves. Isn't a childs life far more important than a few authors getting their feelings hurt over negative reviews?