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Whats up Simon & Schuster??

Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Science of Raising Children but Were Too Exhausted to Ask - Dalton Conley

I requested  Parentology through Netgalley a while back. Today at 10:05am I received an email telling me I'd be approved - YAY!


I didn't check my email until 11am but when I did, I went directly to Netgalleys website. Parentology was on my dashboard but I was unable to download my review copy because it had already been archived.


Why would they approve me and then archive the book within 60 minutes?


For all you Netgalley pros - should I use title feedback to inform them that I was  unable to read/review the book due to it being archived?


If I do nothing it will negatively affect my feedback ratio correct??

Review: Warbreaker

Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson

Amazing. I was only 6% into the book when I started raving to my boyfriend about how good it was. Nothing had really even happened at the time yet I knew this book was going to be phenomenal. I must've been convincing since he started it yesterday.

I have come to the conclusion (like many others) that Brandon Sanderson is a superb author. This is my 5th book by him and its probably my favorite. I actually liked it better than Mistborn: The Final Empire (blasphemy, I know). Sanderson's books are unique in that the magic system and world are completely unique. And his magic systems are so imaginative and fully thought out. In Warbreaker the magic system seems so strange in the beginning but eventually it seems like second nature. As you delve into the story its like you develop this inherent knowledge of the magic system.

This was the perfect fantasy book for me; strong female leads, political intrigue, espionage, conspiracy, war, and even a little romance. I'm not big on romance but when it isn't shoved down your throat and is so seamless that without it the story wouldn't work - I love it!

I was emotionally invested in this story and ALL the characters. I can't even choose which one was my favorite. They were all amazing - Vivenna, Siri, Vasher, Lightsong, Denth...

This and The Lies of Locke Lamora are my 2 favorite reads on 2014 (so far). This year has been filled with a bunch of meh books...so I'm hoping this 5* streak continues

Review: Fire & Flood

Fire & Flood - Victoria Scott

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott wasn't anything to write home about. It was one of those typical, not so special YA's that seem to be in abundance. The premise was interesting, if not wholly unfamiliar - a mysterious race/contest in crazy conditions and the winner receives a cure.

I know everyone is going to compare this to The Hunger Games but it is an unfair comparison. The Hunger Games was exceptional...the plot, the world, the characters, etc, thus making Fire and Flood seem awash in mediocrity.

It was an easy read and I sped right through it but I just didn't care about characters. Tella drove me absolutely nuts. She was vapid, self-obsessed, immature and weak. For someone who was determined to save their dying brother she relied way to much on everyone else to help her and even save her. Of course, she had her moments of victory but they were over shadowed by all the moments of weakness and stupidity. The rest of the characters should've been important but most of them just weren't well fleshed out. The only character I truly felt a connection to, that I liked and that I felt was actually out to win the race to save whoever their loved one was Harper. Now, she was a strong female character yet Tella viewed her with derision and jealousy.

The race was kind of cool in that its a long race (3 months) across 4 different climates - jungle, desert, ocean and mountain. Where it was lacking for me is I thought this was going to be a badass survivalesque race where crazy things would happen. There wasn't so much of that. Even though the contenders have 2 weeks in each place they didn't experience too many of the difficulties that would occur when an inexperienced person is left out in the jungle/desert with little to no supplies. Why you ask? Because there is a huge cop-out. Fortunately for me the cop-out is probably my favorite aspect of the story - the Pandoras. The Pandoras are these genetically modified creatures who have special powers but you don't know what their powers are or when they will actually use them. I believe the majority of the contenders we meet would never have made it without their Pandoras. The Pandoras made the Brimstone Bleed way too easy for me.

Even though i had a lot of issues with the story i did enjoy it while i was reading it. I flew through it in one day. It was fast paced and had a lot going on. It was far from being superb but I liked the authors writing and honestly, I'll probably read the next book just to see what happens in the rest of the race.

I received a digital ARC from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.(less)

Anne Rice Sign This Petition Please...

Dear Anne Rice,


You are a famous literary figure with a huge fan base. Recently you signed a petition. News sites and blogs have picked it up. It is a big deal because of you. Many people have signed it due to your name recognition..some not having a clue what its really about.


Change.org has so many worthy petitons that could benefit from you signing.


Like the petition to DCF and The State of Vermont for Baby Dezirae. Baby Dezirae's legs were broken in 2013. When her mother brought her to the doctors one break was a few weeks old and the other was a few days old. Her mothers story did not match up with injuries so she was removed from the home. She was placed back in her mothers care a few months ago. She turned 2 on February 18th. On February 19th she was rushed to the hospital with head trauma. Her heart stopped on the way, but she was revived. She was transported to Dartmouth-Hitckcock where she was pronounced dead. Dezirae was found by medical professionals to have head trauma significant to that of being dropped off a three story roof.


You are a mother. Help be this childs voice. Help save other children from a similar fate. Sign this petition and give it the publicity it deserves. Isn't a childs life far more important than a few authors getting their feelings hurt over negative reviews?








Source: http://www.change.org/petitions/dcf-and-the-state-of-vermont-take-responsibility-for-baby-dezirae-s-death-protect-children-from-their-abusive-parents?tk=3ArAlIiUD5TJIv1l2DIb7j5IMgV6u68PFodwn9oiuXc&utm_campaign=social_digest_email&utm_content=socia

It's the next Twilight/Harry Potter/The Hunger Games

Half Bad (Half Life Trilogy) - Sally Green

"Dear Reader,

A little backstory on the sensational debut you are about to read: Half Bad was THE "buzz" book at this year's Bologna Children's Book Fair in late March. That means it was the most anticipated and talked-about book throughout the five days of the fair. Everyone was hearing about it; everyone wanted it. The result was a very heated auction that actually occurred at the fair (quite unusual), in which five US publishers participated- and which Viking/Penguin won! The novel has since been sold into twenty-seven foreign countries, with more still coming on board.


In addition, several major studios bid for film rights, with the acquisition ultimately going to FOX, with Karen Rosenfelt (best known for the Twilight films, and the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and The Book Thief) producing.


In short, this is one of those very rare publishing phenomena, and we wanted you to be among the first to share the excitement with us. And this is only the beginning, as books #2 and #3 in the Half Bad trilogy are still percolating in author Sally Green's imagination. Stay tuned for those...


We hope you enjoy Half Bad as much as all of us here at Penguin do, and all its other publishers around the world.


With best wishes,
Ken Wright, Vice President and Publisher"


Books like this scare me. Overly hyped books lead to high expectations which can result in big disappointment.


I was so excited to read this - not just because of all the "buzz" surrounding it. It sounded interesting. Witches - white (good) vs. black (bad) and a boy who is half white/half black. Is he good or is he bad? Nurture vs. nature. What defines us? I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the paranormal genre. I've read quite a few of them but they don't rank highly on my favorite genres. So, the fact that I thought this book sounded interesting and I actually wanted to read it was pretty surprising. It helped that there are tons (and tons) of gushing reviews on GoodReads.


Unfortunately, this was a huge fail for me. It started off weak, got a little better and then went downhill from there. The only part of the book I really enjoyed was when Nathan was living with his Gran. I loved Nathan during this part of the book and empathized with him. I also enjoyed the witches creation story and the reason for the rift between the white and black witches. And the powers? The inventive and absolutely amazing witch powers? Wish I'd seen more of them in action.


I just found the majority of the book boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. It's too bad because it seemed to have so much potential. I spent the last three days cleaning like crazy, when normally I would be reading. It did not hold my attention and was a completely unforgettable book.


I received a digital ARC from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

In My Mailbox

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands - Chris Bohjalian Afterparty - Daryl Gregory Remember Me Like This: A Novel - Bret Anthony Johnston A Pocketful of Posies - WC Sorice Under a Silent Moon - Elizabeth Haynes The Fever: A Novel - Megan Abbott Sunrise - Mike Mullin Going Over - Beth Kephart Don't Even Think About It - Sarah Mlynowski #zombie - Al K. Line

If JK Rowling Cares About Writing, She Should Stop Doing It


"So this is my plea to JK Rowling. Remember what it was like when The Cuckoo's Calling had only sold a few boxes and think about those of us who are stuck there, because we can't wave a wand and turn our books into overnight bestsellers merely by saying the magic word. By all means keep writing for kids, or for your personal pleasure - I would never deny anyone that - but when it comes to the adult market you've had your turn. Enjoy your vast fortune and the good you're doing with it, luxuriate in the love of your legions of fans, and good luck to you on both counts. But it's time to give other writers, and other writing, room to breathe."



Cat's head stuck in storm drain - happy ending I promise



Andy Brulotte has delivered mail in St. Albans City for 12 years.

"When I came around and put the mail in the box I heard this screech, a cat yell," he said.

A horrible sound and unbelievable sight on a recent postal route stopped him in his tracks.

"I tried to help her through the hole but she wasn't going anywhere," Brulotte said.

They say cats have nine lives. And this may be proof-- a kitten stuck in a storm drainage grate clinging to life.

"She was very cold and becoming tired by that time," Brulotte said.

The 5-month-old kitten somehow ended up underground in the city's storm drain system. When it tried to escape, it got its head stuck in a grate and couldn't retreat. The cat used a pile of snow beneath the grate to try to climb out. But it was melting and time was running out. The cat was close to hanging when Andy found her-- just one paw holding her up.

"She literally wore down the claws on both front feet trying to claw her way out and chipped one of her front teeth," Brulotte said.

The veterinarian says she'd likely been stuck from dusk till dawn.

"She had a pretty bad night," Brulotte said.

If getting stuck in a storm drain wasn't bad enough, the cat faced another danger, too. A snowplow driver clearing out the parking lot ran over the cat... twice! The recessed drain and skids on the plow gave the kitty's head just enough clearance.

Brulotte called for help. A police officer, a public works employee and a woman who happened to be walking by freed the cat, using a sledgehammer and crow bar to remove the grate and dish detergent to lube the cat to pull it out.

"The kind lady there and I worked to line up the body just right to fold the ears and slip the body back through," Brulotte said.

Other than a little frostbite, the cat, now named Kismet, got a clean bill of health and-- it turns out-- a home after the harrowing ordeal.

"I immediately became attached," Brulotte said. "Contacted my wife. And we ended up with a kitten."

His old cat died in September, about the same time this one was born. So, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Kismet is still skittish around strangers, finding new hiding spots around Andy's house. But she's coming around.

"This one is immediately part of the family. And is going to be," Brulotte said. "She's a new addition and already attached."




My mailman is awesome! This poor kitty was so lucky...

Pimp my Booklikes Blog Giveaway

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Pimp my Booklikes Design Giveaway

Win a custom booklikes design for your blog.


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Good luck!


Update - I'll run this giveaway until February 23rd. I'll contact the winner in messages and then post the finished design on my blog and FB pages.



Who will she become when she comes face to face with her fathers legacy?

The Tyrant's Daughter - J.C. Carleson

I've always been curious about the daughters of powerful men. Are they so sheltered from the general population that they don't know what their fathers are? Do they, after they witness their fathers power, just go along because their have no other choice? Or do they not see anything wrong because this is all they've known in life?


I'm curious about the daughters and not the sons for a few reasons. Generally, it seems that the sons have a little more freedom and may follow in their fathers footsteps...military, politics, etc. Whereas daughters may not enjoy the freedom that their brothers do. Or thats what I've seen in the little research I've done.


The Tyrants Daughter gave me a little glimpse into what a powerful mans daughter may be like, especially a daughter in a country where females have litle to no power or freedom. Lailas father, the dictator of a middle eastern country, was assinated and the CIA whisked Laila, her mother and her little brother to safety in the US. Once here this princess in exile has to assimilate to Americas culture, fast pace and the fact that she has gone from living in a royal palace to living in a run down apartment in which she has to share a room with her brother. Her mother is meeting with various people, making unsual calls, and hiding things from Laila. Oh yes, and her father was murdered.


Laila first hears the word "dictator" in reference to her father when she starts school. Laila vehementatly denies that that her father was a dictator but doubt seeps in.
Originally I thought that Laila was a little naive. 16 and she doesn't know who her father is outside of being her father. According to Stalins daughter, Svetlana, at 16 she fell in love with a Jewish man much older then her and her father was completely against. The man was eventually sent to a labor camp for 10 years. Stalins daughter wasn't completely clueless about her father. But the difference between Svetlanna and Laila is how and where they were raised. Laila lived a very luxiourous but sheltered life. She didn't have access to information nor did she socialize with people outside of her social status. The people who her fathers regime affected most were an enigma to Laila.


I had no expectations going into this book so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I loved how the flashbacks into Lailas past as a middle eastern princess were relevant, fascinating, and flawlessly incorporated. I loved the intrigue and drama. This story isn't without its faults but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


I received a digital ARC from Random House Childrens, thru Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


What Did I Do?

Parable of the Sower - Octavia E. Butler Where'd You Go, Bernadette - Maria Semple Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse Life and Fate - Robert Chandler, Vasily Grossman The Trial - Franz Kafka, David Wyllie

I'm one of those people who only read 1 book at a time. It's not because I can't keep track of multiple books...I just prefer 1 book at a time and I finish books faster this way. But something went wrong this month.


I was reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown (which I didn't like very much) and went to the library and took out a few books. So in the middle of Red Rising I started Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler...which I then misplaced (for a week), so I picked up Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple. I finished Red Rising and started Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse and then Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman.


I'm almost done Before We Met and found Parable of the Sower (on the floor of my back porch). And now I have to start The Trial by Franz Kafka for a book club in a few days.


If I hadn't kept picking up new books I would be done with most of the above mentioned books and would have time to devote to The Trial and the tome Life and Fate. I've decided to finish all my current books before I start in on Life and Fate - that one needs my undivided attention. 


So, Booklikes people....which do you prefer - 1 book or multiple books?

Farewell January

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker Ship Breaker - Paolo Bacigalupi The Last Kind Words - Tom Piccirilli Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore - Robin Sloan The Sandcastle Girls - Chris Bohjalian Cartwheel - Jennifer duBois The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates Out of The Easy - Ruta Sepetys

January was a meh month for me. 


Favorite book/s: The Sandcastle Girls and The Cuckoo's Calling

Worst Book/s: The Goldfinch


The rest were just OK.


I am currently reading Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler and Red Rising by Pierce Brown.


I'm trying to read 1 classic a month for a new book club at my library. February's book will be The Trial by Franz Kafka. If anybody has any must read and/or favorite classics please recommend. I'm new to reading classics so I'm open to suggestions!


Happy February!

I Won A Giveaway...I think

On New Year's Eve I won a giveaway here on Booklikes. Outbreak by Warren Fielding. I was so excited. I rarely win any book giveaways. I checked my email everyday in anticipation. 


Then, thinking I'd somehow missed the email, I contacted one of the other 5 winners to see if they'd received their copy. And no....they didn't.


So what's a girl to do? Is there someone at Booklikes I should inform?

30 Day Challenge

I totally slacked on this. My 2 little girls have been sick with ear infections and colds and I have been trying to finish up my last 2 sessions (senior photos and a Catholic wedding blessing?). Going to try and catch up tonight!

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

A Piece of Cake - Cupcake Brown Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson - Mitch Albom

 A Book that makes me Happy


My name is Megan and I'm an addict.

I've been in recovery for 6 years. It's been the most amazing 6 years of my life and I am thankful for every single minute. I was in rehab for the 2nd time in 6 months when I found this little hardcover book hiding in the corner of the common room. It was Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I devoured the book, as I had already read the other million books I'd brought with me. Because of where I was in my life and the things that had occurred, this book really spoke to me. I know this book had nothing to do with my recovery but when I think back to that transition period of me going from actively using to in recovery this book is what I remember. And it makes me Happy.


A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown makes me Happy for similar reasons. After I stopped using I read every drug addiction/alcoholism memoir I could get my hands on. Her memoir was sad and horrific but it had a beautiful ending. This book inspired me more than any other book I've ever read. If she could overcome all that she went through and did...anybody could - including me. This book make me happy because it proves that our mistakes don't need to define us and if you want something bad enough, you can do anything.




Reading Progress: 71%

Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set - Brandon Sanderson

Devastated. Absolutely devastated. How could you do this to me again Sanderson.

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